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Packmee – die Kleiderspende im Karton

packmeeDie Kids wachsen schneller als man gucken kann und im Handumdrehen ist der Spiderman-Lieblingspulli zu klein oder das Hello Kitty Kleid kann nur noch als kurzes Sommertop getragen werden. Und ist selbst das Nesthäkchen aus den Kindersachen rausgewachsen, heisst es: Aussortieren!

Aber: Wegwerfen war gestern. Lieber die Kleidung auf den nächsten Weg bringen und dabei auch noch Gutes tun.

Und wie? Mit PACKMEE – der Kleiderspende im Karton!

Das Ziel von ist es das permanente nationale Sammelsystem mit der höchsten angestrebten prozentualen Spendenausschüttung zu werden: Aus jedem gespendeten und verkauften Kilo getragener und gebrauchsfähiger Textilien und Schuhe sollen vom Erreichen der Gewinnschwelle an – voraussichtlich in 2014 – fortan deutlich höhere Gewinne für karitative Partnerprojekte erzielt werden als bei allen bisherigen nationalen Sammel- und Spendensystemen – aktuell für „CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e. V.“ und die Stiftung „Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e. V.“.

RTLLOGO (Mobile)Am 12. August organisieren wir bei unseren ersten eigenen Packmee Tag. Die Kartons sind bereit hier und alle Mitarbeiter beauftragt die Schränke nach gut erhaltener Kleidung, die nicht mehr gebraucht wird, zu durchsuchen. Zudem haben wir Restbestände und Muster aus unserem LamaLoLi-Lager bereits in Kisten gepackt und freuen uns drauf am 12. August unsere Spende zu übergeben.

Und so funktioniert’s: PACKMEE ist ganz einfach, wie Koffer packen: Man nimmt einen großen Karton, zum Beispiel einen Umzugskarton, faltet Kleidung und Haushaltstextilien, die man spenden möchte, packt diese in den Karton, legt Schuhe oder z.B. Brillen in die Zwischenräume und verschließt den randvollen Karton. Versandaufkleber können online auf ausgedruckt werden.



In dem tollen Erklärvideo von Packmee wird aber nochmal alles genau erklärt. Also macht mit – es lohnt sich, die tolle Aktion zu unterstützen!


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    As they become more popular, the battery-powered cigarettes have become the center of a fight over how risky they are compared with traditional smokes, whether they’re legal and, if they are, how they should be regulated. ホリスター I will stop playing for the moment, he said yesterday. „I don’t know whether I will go one, two, three months without playing. I will take advantage of this time to think about my career, since I was not happy in Italy.“ ホリスター 店舗 Fresh assorted sashimi, including sea bream, sea bass, salmon, yellow tail, tuna and cuttlefish, is another highlight at Hanano. アバクロンビー&フィッチ Private schools receive limited support from the local federation for the disabled, which makes their tuition fees too expensive to afford, he adds. アバクロ 銀座 Open: 8am-5pm Address: 123 Zhanghong Rd, by Wuzhong Rd, Minhang District Tel: 6468-0752 United Family Hospital and Clinics?????? Services provided by the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics include: Pain management ranging from muscle pains, unidentified sources of pain (e.g. headache, menstruation cramping) and sports injuries; Hormone-related imbalances such as irregular menstruation, menopause, thyroid conditions and infertility; Sleeping disorders, stress and ringing of ears.

    Linguistic experts have reported that Shanghai dialect shares only an estimated 40 percent correlation with standard Mandarin, and that the language is nearly unintelligible to outsiders hearing it the first time. アバクロ During the interview, she also unveiled her „top secret“ for maintaining an intimate rapport with a partner – „show your affection by speaking out and cooking for your beloved.“ アバクロ 福岡 MODERN Chinese portrait painting from the 1950s is explored in an exhibition by 76 artists including some of the biggest names in contemporary art. Wang Jie reports. アバクロンビー&フィッチ It took the lead in the 79th at Wolves through Gabriel Agbonlahor’s sixth goal of the season but Sylvan Ebanks-Blake equalized four minutes later with a penalty awarded for a foul by Steve Sidwell. Squash is a young and fashionable game, said Bao Zhenghan, general manager of Bailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall, the the squash tournament’s sponsor.

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    The roads were also severely hit, with the AA, the road breakdown service, saying it had experienced its busiest day in 10 years with a record 16,000 breakdowns yesterday. アバクロ The coup set off bitter and sometimes violent conflicts between his opponents and supporters. ホリスター 日本 What brands and retailers really have to focus on are the gifts that people are giving to their spouses, to their daughters, to their sons, that’s where the majority of the dollars are going to be spent, said Cara David of American Express Publishing. ホリスター But after winning Group D ahead of highly-rated France and extending its unbeaten run to five games under Hodgson, England head into the game in Kiev with a mounting sense of belief that it can prolong its stay in the tournament. He added that even if losing weight doesn’t add years to an elderly person’s life, it can have many other health benefits, such as easing disease risks, making activities like walking up the stairs easier, and reducing osteoarthritis pain. CHEERING crowds and armed police greeted Prince William as he flew into Northern Ireland yesterday to show off his bride-to-be Kate Middleton.

    The envelop was addressed to US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, CNN reported. アバクロンビー&フィッチ The worst damage was in the small Argentine towns of Santa Rosa and El Progreso, where officials said houses and even a city health center were blown away early yesterday. Trees fell on cars, blown down by winds of more than 60 mph (100 kph). アバクロ 福岡 He said the system puts too much focus on weather and instead should be more of a judgment call based also on other factors, such as whether other fires are burning nearby, the topography and the human population in the area. 銀座 アバクロ The International Maritime Bureau said its piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur recorded 39 hijackings from January to September this year, up from 34 in the same period last year and only 11 in 2006. アバクロ Tens of thousands of Czechs lost power and heat supplies as high winds and heavy snow swept the central European country earlier than usual.

    Nadal has also admitted this week his winning of four grand slams in a single season is beyond him. ホリスター 通販 THE massive Lee storm system dumped more than a 30 centimeters of rain in New Orleans and spawned tornadoes elsewhere before it weakened to a tropical depression, but forecasters warned yesterday that slow-moving rain clouds pose a flooding threat to inland areas. ホリスター And the 10th-seeded Vinci will also be taking on an Italian for the third straight round at this years tournament after she and longtime friend Flavia Pennetta both won on Monday in New York. ホリスター 通販 The Madonna is about a meter tall, wears a golden crown, and a white robe with a light blue border. A small baby Jesus lying on a pillow was also salvaged, and is sitting on a stool next to the figure of St Mary. The party her father -founded in 1972 announced her victory at a meeting west of Paris.

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    November 13, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Wounded people wrapped in bloodstained blankets were rushed to the hospital. One man, his face charred black from the blast, was carried on a stretcher. ホリスター 日本 Authorities announced her conviction in the murder case only after the uproar over the stoning sentence erupted last summer, and her lawyer – who has since been arrested – said she was never formally put on trial for the killing and was tortured into confessing. Iranian authorities could use the murder charge to justify executing Ashtiani by hanging instead of stoning. アバクロ パーカー After several rounds of clashes, dozens of protesters were still holed up inside the mosque midafternoon, occasionally opening shuttered doors to throw objects at police. The Israeli forces did not enter the building and police said they had no plans to do so. There were no serious injuries. アバクロ パーカー The abduction occurred in Faryab province, which has been relatively peaceful since the 2001 invasion. Gibbs adds an extra layer of control by posting only low-resolution pictures. So if a magazine or other publication wants to use a family photo, they’d have to specifically ask the White House for a better-quality version. Gibbs has refused some of those requests, in effect becoming an editor. The Parade magazine photos, for instance, were all provided by a White House photographer.

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    Subscription Free Sign-up Visitors Newspaper PDF Website access 1-week trial limited Mobile apps Newsletter Price RMB 820/year RMB 500/year Free Free A TORNADO slammed a southwestern Louisiana town on Saturday, killing a young mother who was sheltering her child and injuring 11 other people. More than 100 homes were damaged, many of them destroyed, authorities said, and about 1,500 people were evacuated because of natural gas leaks. アバクロ tシャツ Furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of Egyptian voices and opposition parties, he added. „It should lead to elections that are free and fair.“ アバクロ Poulter birdied his last two holes to finish clear of early clubhouse leader Matthew Giles of Australia with a total of 133. アバクロ tシャツ I know the visual that I had when this team was put together. Like I’ve said, my (2006) championship team was 10-10. I’ve been a part of it when it’s great and I’ve been a part of Miami when it’s not so great. The situation continues to be very serious, International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano told reporters at Vienna airport as he left with nuclear experts for Japan.,6109727,title,trybeytberut,index.html?smoybbtticaid=613b6f

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    At US$3 billion his biggest asset — by far — is brand value, which according to a note „has been established by Predictiv, the highly respected brand valuation company.“ アバクロ AN Australian woman who was jailed in the United Arab Emirates after reporting she had been raped filed a lawsuit against the Australian government yesterday, alleging consular officials failed to warn her such a complaint could land her in jail. アバクロ 公式 The deadliest attack yesterday came when a car bomb exploded near a Shiite mosque in the northern Baghdad neighborhood of Shaab, killing at least 24 people and wounding 17 others, said two Iraqi police officials and a medical official. アバクロ 店舗 Relatives waiting at „Camp Hope“ on the surface waved Chilean flags and shouted with joy as word spread of the breakthrough, and one man frantically rang a bell even before a siren sounded to officially confirm that the escape shaft had reached the miners. They are still several days away from rescue. Engineers must first check the shaft and decide whether to reinforce it before pulling them to the surface. Fire District Chief Randy Adams said Collins was being treated for hypothermia and had been administered antibiotics because he may have swallowed sewage.

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    German David Gollnow won the 400 in 47.29 seconds, ahead of Roman Smirnow of Russia and another German, Rouven Christ, in third. アバクロ 店舗 The newly discovered tombs date to Egypt’s 4th Dynasty (2575-2467 BC) when the great pyramids were built, according to the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass. アバクロ パーカー The project also includes footage of Prince Charles interviewing former U.S. vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore in 1988. Gore won the Nobel prize, along with an Oscar, for his 2006 global warming documentary „An Inconvenient Truth.“ ホリスター 店舗 LANDSLIDES and floods set off by the heaviest rains in decades killed at least 95 people in Rio de Janeiro state, making hundreds homeless, flooding roads and paralyzing Brazil’s second city yesterday. The United States has stepped up missile strikes by pilotless drone aircraft in the border areas in recent weeks. So far 21 strikes have been carried out by the US drones in September, the record number in a month.

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    In field hockey Englands men moved through to a semifinal clash with champion Australia after a routine 3-1 win over Canada. The Australians were too good for Scotland winning 5-0 New Zealand ensured it finished top of Group B by defeating Malaysia 6-1. It will take on either India or South Africa in the semifinals. tiffany co Vice Minister of Public Security Yang Huanning was delivering a report on the administration of entry-exit, residence and employment of foreigners to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the top legislature. Tiffany Jewelry Zhang teaches medicine, including medical psychology and psychiatry. She disguises herself as a mad woman and hinders emergency treatment. She’s so evil, Wang said. air max The country has lost its empire and is no longer in the front rank of power, and I really think that change has been enormously eased by her and what she represents. Huang Sheng, 57, who disappeared from public view 10 days ago, was sacked by central government for „serious disciplinary violations,“ the Xinhua news agency reported yesterday.

    Bayern coach Pep Guardiola admitted on Saturday that the German champion was planning to dip into the transfer market to fill the void left by Martinez, who was ruled out until 2015 after rupturing knee ligaments in the German SuperCup defeat to Borussia Dortmund in midweek. mulberry handbags The government of Wuhu, Anhui Province, which has a population of 1.5 million, announced on Thursday it will grant subsidies and deed tax exemptions to first-home purchasers this year. doudoune parajumpers Jason Thompson and Isaiah Thomas each scored 11 for the Kings, who shot 58 percent the second-best shooting effort by a losing team in the NBA this season. hollister homme That’s why I’m not in a competition just of personalities. I am in a competition in which I must give a new breath of life to my country and a new commitment to Europe, he said. abercormbie soldes Zhang Jingli, a former deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration, was caught on video in steamy scenes at the Heaven on Earth club. He was accused of a „decadent life“ and he stood trial for taking bribes of more than 1.17 million yuan in Beijing.

    The players will remain with the same characteristics, but their positioning will change with a new coach, Scolari said. Pandora Jewelry Dialogue and negotiation is the only right way out, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin at a regular news briefing. doudoune moncler Beijing raised its minimum wage from the beginning of the year by about 20 percent from the previous 960 yuan. hollister france IOC President Thomas Bach added to Russias feel-good factor by describing the 2014 Games as „great,“ saying the response from the athletes was „overwhelmingly positive.“ „These were excellent Games that may lead to the reversal of some criticism“ of the Russian organizers that preceded the Olympics, Bach said. Italian media reports said Essien was due to sign a contract that would keep him at Milan until June 2015. Essien joined Chelsea in 2005, during which time the west london club won the Champions League, the Premier League title twice and the FA Cup four times.

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    SGCC Vice President Shu Yinbiao said that compared to previous projects, the line will be built with a greater transmission capacity, more advanced technology and a higher domestic manufacturing level. tiffany outlet Prosecutors said the suspect, Shao Xun, a Shanghai native, went to Moscow in 1992 to sell down-padded jackets. Tiffany Outlets The paper said a Land Rover Discovery costs about 800,000 yuan (US$125,717) to 900,000 yuan and guzzles 18.5 liters of gas per 100 kilometers. But the company said its maintenance cost was much lower compared with other SUVs. air max Western sources said the rampage began after the soldier walked off his base in the early hours of Sunday morning, apparently heavily armed and carrying night-vision equipment. Residents living in the building, which has 14 households, complained to Shanghai Daily that the building started to tilt and that their apartment walls now had cracks. They blamed their „bad neighbor“ on the first floor, who rented out the apartment to a restaurant.

    It was the latest of a series of large-scale attacks that insurgents have launched every few weeks since the last United States troops left Iraq in mid-December at the end of a nearly nine-year war. mulberry handbags Ireland and China have much to offer each other in food and agriculture, in high technology research and in investment. We should make every effort to realize that potential, Prime Minister Enda Kenny said in a speech welcoming Xi and his delegation to Dublin Castle for the evening, before signing two trade and investment agreements. doudoune parajumpers A total of 193 countries took part in the July 2-27 conference aimed at negotiating proposals and formulating what is expected to be the most important initiative ever regarding conventional arms regulation within the United Nations. hollister pas Chinese and Russian naval forces held six days of exercises in the Yellow Sea off China’s east coast, with drills including anti-submarine operations and the rescue of hijacked vessels. China deployed 16 ships and two submarines while Russia sent four warships from its Pacific fleet. abercormbie soldes FOREIGN urban management volunteers took to the streets on July 14 to help maintain the city appearance in Hefei, capital city of east China’s Anhui Province, Xinhua News Agency reported today.

    The travel and safety of the horses is the biggest challenge weve been facing, Danese said. „The ground of the arena will be ready in another two nights time.“ The arena, located at the intersection of Xueye Road and Hongshan Road, can take around 4,000 spectators. Ticket prices range from 590 yuan (US$94.73) to 2,880 yuan. Pandora Jewelry The gender ratio in 2009, the latest figures to be released by the local population authority, was 113.7 boys for every 100 girls among local residents. veste moncler How and when the area’s transition will happen is under study, and whether the bars will be shut down is unknown, said Yang, the government official. hollister pas Starbucks yesterday issued a statement confirming that the popular beverage uses cochineal extract to boost its bright pink color in the US market. The move is a bid by the company to minimize artificial ingredients in its products. PREMIER Wen Jiabao said yesterday that stabilizing economic growth is the most pressing matter facing China.;id=hokutou

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    Runco said that the fracture will need three to six weeks to heal, and that the player will rest at home with his family in Guaruja, near Sao Paulo. tiffany co A MAN killed a seven-year-old girl and her grandmother yesterday over an alleged personal vendetta in Shanghai’s Chongming County. Tiffany Jewelry Sudan and South Sudan, at odds over a range of issues including oil revenues, regularly trade accusations of supporting insurgencies in each other’s territory. nike tn Ireland was severely battered by the global financial crisis and forced to seek an 85-billion-euro (US$112 billion) EU-IMF rescue package in November 2010 after massive debts left its economy on the brink of collapse. Zhao, in his 50s, is a member of the Shanghai Volunteers‘ Commission of Social Assistance and Education, a government-owned organization that set up the project.

    China and Russia, both permanent members of the UN Security Council, didn’t attend the Paris meeting. mulberry handbags A new mother reached a compensation agreement with a postnatal rehabilitation center, which failed to warn her or take precautions against her pink eye, a highly communicable disease that spread to five babies in the facility. parajumpers homme AN 84-year-old calligrapher in southern China’s Guangdong Province who started to wear women’s clothes and took hormones to enlarge his breasts four years ago is the oldest man in China known to want surgery to change his gender. hollister pas He blamed Spain’s failure to score or stop Chile on „big mistakes and a sense of brokenness, of exhaustion“. abercormbie soldes Doctors started operating at 8pm and he was the only patient having surgery in the 10-room unit at the time.

    If Williams and Sharapova get to the quarterfinals, it will set up their 19th career meeting. Williams leads 16-2. Pandora Jewelry The company’s farm in Hui’an County, Quanzhou City, is the largest bear base in south China with more than 600 black bears. Their value to the company is around 200 million yuan (US$31.8 million) a year. mocnler pas He starts work at Old Trafford when the Netherlands leave Brazil. If they keep playing this way, he could keep Manchester fans waiting until mid-July. abercrombie and Plaxico Burress, a former New York Giants wide receiver, was sentenced to two years in prison in 2009 for a felony gun possession conviction after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub in November 2008. He agreed to a plea deal and served 20 months in prison on lesser charges. August was unusually wet, with 243.7 millimeters of rainfall – 50 percent more than average, the bureau said. If September is normal, there should be eight to 11 rainy days and the total rainfall should range from 110 to 150 millimeters.

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